5 facts about Samara you must know

5 facts about samara you must know before visit

This post special for my guests, who will come soon in Samara
1. Airport Kurumoch located far away from main city (approximately in 42 km from central point of the city - Central Bus Station). From the airport to the city there are only two DIRECT roads.Therefore, if it seemed to you that you are going too winding, maybe the taxi driver decided to give you a short sightseeing tour of the outskirts of Samara. MY ADVICE: create in google route from airport to your destination and track it due to road.

2. Airport, stadium and main sightseeings located in different corners of the city. The best location for your rest will be with a good traffic junction. The Best locations is Tashkentskaya, Demokraticheskaya, Novo-Sadovaya, Galaktionovskaya, Lenin Avenue.
3. For shure, you may need in mobile connection for internet or call taxi. Easiest - to take sim-card from MegaFon, which include calls and internet traffic. You will pay once, but use internet and calls all time, when available package.
4. If you will use municipal transport you must know, that some buses don't stop on every stations. You must say to driver "Please, stop on the next station". If you don't know, when will be your stop -you can ask about from driver or other passengers, peoples in Russia very friendly and exactly help you ti find you station.
5. If you will use municipal transport you must know, that first 10 places only for childrens, grand persons, in valid peoples and pregnant women. If you meet them in transport, please give them seat. It's main rules in transport.

Thank you for you attention! My next article will be "rent a rest without problems".

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